construction of single line bg tunnel 14a (app. length 160 rm) at km.27.300 tokm.27.460,bg two line tunnel 12a (app. length 160 rm) at km.25.360 to km.25.520 andbalance work of tunnel 11c (cut &cover app. length 120 rm) at km.23.896 to km.24.016,tunnel 11a (ug lining app. length 680 rm) at km.22.822 to km.23.502,tunnel 11b (ugapp. length 445 rm) at km.21.120 to km.21.565, tunnel 6b (ug lining app. length 160rm) at km.18.490 to km.18.650 including all other ancillary works in between stationshor
Tenders Location India  - west bengal
Tenders Value 136.93 Crores
Tender categeory railway 
Deadline 10 jul 2020
Our Ref. ID 200611476610
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